We are operating at Phase 2A, which means that we are open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 12:30p - 4p. Be sure to call the day prior to make your reservation.  Activity is limited to 12 members.  Our virtual Clubhouse continues, with daily conference calls for members at 10a (Wake Up Call), 1:15p (The Daily Call), 3p (Various entertainment) and 6p (Evening Call). See Community Update for how to join in with us.  


Open Air Lunches at our 1121 Garden are at 11:30a on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting (temperature over 60 degrees).  No reservation required.  Be sure to bring your own chair, mask and lunch! 

If you are high risk or not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home. 

Please see the Community Update tab for info on how you can connect to us virtually.




PLAN, a program of Jewish Family Service is dedicated to providing comprehensive support toward a meaningful life in community for individuals with mental illness and their families.

Severe mental illness causes disruptions in life—broken relationships, tension within families, hospitalizations and incarcerations, leading to frustration, anxiety and loneliness.

PLAN is a place you can come to find understanding and support--a hand!  Services include professional psychotherapy, both group and individual, with therapists who understand severe mental illness, case management and referrals.    


Through the transformative power of the Clubhouse Model, our newly launched Clubhouse, PLAN @ 1121 Rock, located at 1121 Rockingham Dr., Richardson TX, offers a work-ordered day with emphasis on sharing meaningful work with meaningful relationships.  We run the Clubhouse together, lift each other up and help each other to realize our individual dreams.  It is not a treatment center.  Rather it is a launch pad to find a better life.

And for family members, it is a place where we know our loved ones will find opportunities to engage in community and grow in independence.

sometimes you need a hand