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PLAN Connections

Connections is the newest initiative to be offered by PLAN, a program of Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas that is dedicated to providing comprehensive support toward a meaningful life in community for individuals with mental health challenges and their families.  The PLAN Connections team provides a combination of Case Management and Peer Support for free to those who can benefit from the services, regardless of PLAN membership status. This program is funded through a grant awarded by North Texas Behavioral Health Authority. 

Peer Support

A Mental Health Peer Support Specialist (MHPS) is a person who has walked the path of recovery from mental illness and is employed to assist others in their journies of recovery. Peers promote hope through positive self-disclosure, demonstrating that recovery is possible. Peer Support Specialists work in conjunction with trained professionals. They work with peers in crafting treatment strategies, such as wellness recovery action plans. They fill a gap by providing support from the perspective of someone who has first-hand experience, something that professionals cannot learn from training or education.

Case Management

As part of our PLAN Connections program, we are pleased to offer Case Management services which includes benefit coordination, help in finding a doctor, housing assistance and efforts to provide support for all acts of daily living.  We are participants in Texas Health and Human Services Commission Community Partners program. 

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