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Hi, Members!  This is your place for updates on the what's happening while we navigate this COViD-19 situation together.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we need your help to keep our Clubhouse as safe as possible.  The greatest risk is from close contact with other people who have coronavirus and because of that our Clubhouse is closed until we understand it is safe to do so.

We will be continuing OPEN AIR LUNCHES on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30a, WEATHER PERMITTING (cancelling for rain or temps below 60 degrees.  It takes place at our Garden at 1121 Rock.   Bring your own lunch, mask and chair (if you have one).  Social distancing will be observed. You must provide your own transportation.   We ask that you not carpool or ask for rides with other members as we are still concerned about virus spread.  PLEASE NOTE:  Do a symptom check at least one hour before coming to the lunch.   If you have a fever, chills, body aches,  difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell, PLEASE STAY HOME. 

PHASE 2A REOPENING -  PLAN @ 1121 Rock will be open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30p to 4p, after the OPEN AIR LUNCHES, beginning th week of March 15th to a limited number of 12 members.   You must call the PLAN @ 1121 Rock main line, 972-379-9904, by 1p the day prior in order to make your reservation.   At this time, we have not resumed transportation services, but hope to shortly!   As with our OPEN AIR LUNCH Covid protocol, expect to be screened, wear a mask while in the facility and to social distance.   

DAILY CONFERENCE CALLS will continue until further notice. 


  • Please be in frequent contact with us at the Clubhouse. We care about you and want to know how you are doing and how we might help. 

    • Connect with us on our Facebook page, PLAN of North Texas Facebook.   

    • We created a "Covid Companion" Group on our Facebook page, as a place to encourage each other during this time.

    • Connect with us on our daily PLAN @ 1121 Rock Conference Call at 1:15p every day.   Just call 214-380-0303, code 1234. The agenda will be similar to that of our Afternoon Meeting, and a great place to share resources.  Conference call protocol: Say your name when you get on the call and wait to be acknowledged, then please mute your phone and wait to be called by name.

    • We added some additional days & times to conference in:

      • Wake Up Call (peer led) at 10a

      • The Daily Call at 1:15p,  (Wednesday is our House Call - dealing with Clubhouse Biz)

      • Afternoon Call at 3p (Calls include Game Call, Current Events, Ted Talks, tune into the Daily Call to find out!)

      • Evening Call (peer led) at 6p

    • Maintain a healthy routine of eating well, exercise, and sleep

    • Engage in activities that you enjoy.

    • Stay in touch with family and friends.

    • Avoid spending too much time monitoring news about the virus if you find it upsetting.

    • Continue any healthcare plans you have in place. 

    • Continue to practice good hygiene and prevention (e.g. social distancing, hand washing, regularly clean surfaces, and follow good food preparation practices, etc.)

If you feel unwell with any cold or flu-like systems (coughing, fever, etc.), please CALL YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER  directly to receive information about next steps.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact City of Dallas at 214-819-2000.

If you need to reach the Clubhouse (972-379-9904). We will be checking voicemails. We hope we can all work together to limit the spread and keep our community informed.

Take care! 

Ruth Josenhans

Director, PLAN

For a copy of our special mid-month mailers, "The Covid Courier" please click below: